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Arkopia Flower Farm

Arkopia Flower Farm offers bouquet subscriptions of blooms grown right here on our farm for Saskatoon area residents, as well as farm fresh florals for weddings and special events. We are so looking forward to connecting with you!

Proudly Saskatchewan Grown Flowers

Our flowers are all grown right here on our farm just outside of Saskatoon. All flowers are grown from seed, bulb, or corm, tended to with a lot of love and attention!

Our offerings include annuals, perennials, as well as tree and shrub foliage. We are expanding our perennial beds by a large amount this year and are looking forward to focusing on that as a sustainability project over the next few years.

Some seeds are started as early as December so that they can be harvested in August or September of the next year – a lot more work goes into those farm grown blooms than many realize!

We strive to use practices that complement nature’s intention. We try not to use any pesticides or herbicides on our flowers – we use beneficial insects and proper soil management techniques to keep the bugs in check!


2022 Subscription Information

Weddings and Special Events

Bouquet Subscriptions

Subscriptions may be picked up from our pickup location- Joyne Marketplace OR you can choose the option of delivery at a fee of $5 per each bouquet. Delivery would be on a date chosen by me, with a one weeks notice of delivery date and time. The reason we do this is because we cannot control weather conditions and sometimes crop timing just doesn’t work perfectly! If you choose delivery, please have a bucket of water placed outside in the shade for us to place your bouquet. We need to keep those flowers cool!

4 Bouquet Subscription – $35/bouquet = $140 Total

4 bouquets of blooms grown right here on our farm, spread out throughout the spring/summer season. One each in June, July, August, and September. You will receive a reminder email the week of your pickup or delivery date with information regarding that weeks bouquet. Dates are subject to change but we will provide as much notice as possible! Pickup or delivery options available, delivery is $5 per bouquet.

8 Bouquet Subscription – $35/bouquet = $280 Total

8 weeks of blooms, grown right here on our farm, spread throughout the growing spring/summer season ie) Late June to early September. You will receive a reminder email the week of each pickup/delivery date with information regarding that weeks bouquet. Dates are subject to change but we will provide as much notice as possible! Pickup or Delivery option. Delivery is $5 per bouquet

Now accepting a limited number of weddings for the 2022 season. If you love local blooms and are flexible with your bouquet style, understanding the importance of in season, sustainable flowers, then send me a message or direct message me on Instagram @arkopiaflowerfarm. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Meet your Farmer/Florist

Frequently Asked Questions

I am glad you are here!

My name is Jessica Sopher, and I am your flower farmer, along with my husband Dean and our three boys – all aged 3 and under! It is a very busy place around here.

I grew up eating peas in my mother’s garden, and “helping” as she tended to her plants. Fast forward to now, I’ve grown veggies, trees, and everything under the sun, but my passion is flowers. I love watching how a seed as small as a pinhead can produce the most abundant blooms you’ve ever seen when tended to with just a bit of attention and love. My husband has built our family a large greenhouse, and now all of my gardening dreams have come true! I am so excited to bring the Saskatoon area fresh cut flowers, truly grown with so much love.

We started our homestead from a bare piece of land in 2013- there were no services, buildings, or power on site when we bought the land. My husband and I have worked hard to build our self sufficient life with our own hands. (….well mostly my husbands two hands, and I helped, ha!) We are also working hard on rehabilitating our neglected and eroded land, using wood chips, cover crops, and other natural measures to protect our soil.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I request certain colours and flowers in my bouquets?

Unfortunately no, however I promise that bouquets will be a beautiful mix of colour, texture, and shapes of what is in season on our farm.

Can I choose my delivery or pick up date?

All bouquets will be delivered or have to be picked up on a to be determined day of the week. Unfortunately we live outside the city and have young children, so it is impossible for us to make special trips to town for one bouquet, especially with the cost of fuel these days.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to Saskatoon, and will consider surrounding areas depending on demand. Currently we will deliver to surrounding areas for a delivery fee of $10

Do you do weddings?

I am open to doing a limited number of weddings for the 2022 season! If you are someone who is understanding of the importance and sustainability of using flowers that are in season, and you are flexible on the colours and  types of flowers used in your bouquets, we may be a good fit! Send me an email or a DM to discuss. I would love to hear from you.

How to Sign Up

In the “contact us” form below –  please include your email address, phone number, and your delivery address (if signing up for delivery).

Please etransfer with the total amount once you have read the terms and conditions below.

By signing up you agree to terms and conditions listed below. I need your email address to keep you up to date on deliveries and pickup days, and the occasional newsletter about happenings at the farm!

Pricing Options include:

4 Bouquet Subscription at Pickup Location (Joyne Marketplace) = $140

4 Bouquet Subscription Delivery ($5 per bouquet) = $160

8 Bouquet Subscription at Pickup Location (Joyne Marketplace) = $280

8 Bouquet Subscription Delivery ($5 per bouquet) = $320

Terms and Conditions

  • In the event of a crop failure you will receive a refund for the number of undeliverable bouquets.
  • -Bouquets typically include anywhere from 12-18 stems depending on type and value of flower
  • Many flowers and plants are toxic to pets and humans if consumed. Ie)Lillies, foxgloves, delphiniums. Arkopia assumes no responsibility in the event of a pet consuming our florals. By signing up you agree to this statement.
  • Please pick up your flowers on the scheduled date and within the timeframe. We are a family run farm with very young children and it is not feasible for us to make special exceptions. If you cannot pick up your bouquet on the scheduled date, see if you can arrange a family member or friend to pick up your bouquet. Arkopia assumes no responsibility for missed bouquets. Missed bouquets will be donated.
  • All purchases are final. Unfortunately you cannot cancel your subscription part way through the season.
  • Delivery and pick up dates are approximate and may subject to change due to weather or crop conditions. You will receive an email the week of to inform your delivery date or if we need to change the date. We promise to give as much notice as possible!
  • 8 week subscribers: you will receive your 8 weeks of bouquets as the crops are ready. You will never receive 2 bouquets in one week, but there may be a week that goes by where you don’t receive a bouquet if crops are not ready. You will however receive 8 weeks worth of bouquets in the time frame from late June to Early September

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